Since 2000, the ROMIL company has been supplying food products in the market of Nizhny Novgorod region and other Russian regions, as well as in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

     In 2015 the company opened a plant for the production of salmon caviar, common fish roe, imitated caviar, seafood delicacies, fish snacks and dried fish under the trade marks “Lunskoye Sea” and “Ocean Treasures”.

  • Production area – 3500m2.

  • Production volume – 1,5 mln. units of output monthly.

  • Product range – more than 110 SKUs.

  • Modern certified equipment.

  • High quality lab tested raw materials with proper documentary confirmation. 

  • Team of qualified certified professionals.

  • ISO, HASSP certification.


Our partners and customers

  • Our active customer base consists of more than 2000 sales points including federal trade networks (Lenta, X5, Metro, Svetofor, Hyperglobus), local trade networks (Assortie, Avoska, Narodny etc.), wholesale and retail customers as well as those from the HoReCa sector (restaurants, cafes, hotels).
  • We are trusted by over 30 multinational, federal and regional companies. 
  • The company’s product range includes more than 1000 SKUs.

The company’s product range


  • Salmon caviar and common fish roe
  • Imitated caviar
  • Capelin roe in cream-sauces
  • Crab sticks and meat
  • seafood
  • seafood delicacies
  • fish and meat preserves
  • dairy product preserves
  • canned food
  • dried fish and fish snacks
  • patés
  • salads

Our mission: offering a wide choice of high quality food products at affordable prices to every customer.

ROMIL company – quality assurance!