During the period of its operation, since 2000, the “ROMIL” company has gained the reputation of a reliable food product distributor. We carry out the tasks of selling, warehousing and availability of the products at sales points. A professional sales team helps us with it, they visit all the sales points at least once a week.

Our active customer
base includes more than
2000 sales points

We are trusted
by more than
30 suppliers

product range
over 1000 SKUs

Our clients

The ROMIL company has earned the trust of more than 5000 customers. To date, we make deliveries to federal and regional trade networks, neighborhood stores, wholesalers and public catering establishments.

Warehouse capacities

The high quality of our products is ensured thanks to the proper product storage at a modern warehouse whose area exceeds 5000 m2 and which is equipped with refrigeration units with mid-level freeze and deep freeze climatic zoning.

Geography of deliveries

The company has a wide sales geography and a developed logistics chain. Properly equipped trucks deliver high quality products 24/7 to 44 regions of the Russian Federation: Volga Federal District, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Ufa, Yaroslavl and others. Besides that, the Lunskoye sea products are supplied to Kazakhstan, Ukraine and USA.

Marketing support

Marketing is an important part of the distribution process. The ROMIL company disposes of a group of marketing tools:

Information leaflet

An operational tool intended for stimulating the sales points, i.e. for increasing the trade turnover. A leaflet is an effective means of informing the buyers about special offers, new products and advantages of the offered goods. The timeframe for the model development and printing the leaflet varies from 2 to 5 working days since the campaign approval. The leaflet is brought to the sales points the day after leaving the printing house.

Special offers

The ROMIL company jointly with its suppliers carries out trade-marketing campaigns aimed at sales stimulation: price discount, N+1, gift for a certain purchase amount, gift for buying items from a certain product range.

Special tasks for sales personnel

An effective tool for increasing the trade turnover and expanding the customer base by stimulating the sales team. The sales team is set an increased plan to ramp up the trade turnover and sales points’ number, taking into account the seasonal coefficient. The sales growth varies from 30% to 80%, the customer base increase is guaranteed as well.